Westcoast Outbuildings Warranty

Westcoast Outbuildings Standard Warranty

All structures purchased from Westcoast Outbuildings are covered for a period of one year for defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Costs incurred for customer installations are not included.


warranty_150Westcoast Outbuildings Limited Lifetime Warranty:

For an additional fee we can warranty your Outbuilding for 25 years (lifetime) from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty does not include any materials which are independently warrantied by the manufacturer such as paint, doors, windows, roofing etc. Natural disaster, damage by accident or neglect and normal wear and tear and material aging are excluded.

If you experience any problems, don’t fret, call us at 604.551.2485 and we will resolve it quickly. Westcoast Outbuildings Warranty is the best in the business.

Again, thank you for your business and we hope you’ll tell a friend about Westcoast Outbuildings!

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