You Dream It, We Build It!

Westcoast Outbuildings is Canada’s premier builder of Small Modular Buildings. We offer our clients creative & cost-effective eco-friendly solutions to expand your living spaces. No need for costly, time-consuming home renovation, remodeling or outright relocation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Backyard Office, Art Studio, Guest House, Remote Cabin, Nanny Suite, Laneway House, Coachhouse, Yoga Studio, Reading Room, Garden Shed, Storage Shed, Tool Shed, Prefab Shed or simply a private retreat, Westcoast Outbuildings can help.

12x24_Lifestyle_LWHMicro Laneway Houses

8x8 Lifestyle Series Prefab Outbuilding KitLifestyle Outbuildings

Tiny_HouseTiny Houses

Craftsman GableBackyard Sheds / Structures